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Vlogging Youtube Tips: Secrets with Louise Croft: GHS27 Podcast

Improve your vlogging youtube game with UK Digital nomad Louise Croft. Vlogging has emerged as a popular form of content in recent years with stars like Casey Neistat raising the visibility of this artform. Vlogging involves short videos often sharing your stories and adventures on Youtube. I met Louise at the Chiang Mai video meet up and learned she has a full-time business teaching video based courses on Udemy and a growing Youtube channel. Louise is extremely knowledgeable, has a deep attention to detail, but is able to teach in a non technical way.

In our podcast you’re going to learn:

  1. A female perspective traveling around the world and working as a digital nomad

  2. Manage relationships with family and friends while living abroad

  3. Tips for vlogging on Youtube and growing a successful Youtube channel

  4. Tips for producing and launching your courses and teaching on Udemy

Taking your knowledge of Vlogging and growing a Youtube channel further with Louise at 80% off just for you. Click here to preview a free lesson

Vlogging tips

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