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Vlog and Youtube Video editing Service

Vlog and Youtube Video editing Service

Vlog youtube editing service

Let us help edit your Vlog or Youtube videos with our professional vlog and youtube editing service. Vlogs and Youtube videos are fun to shoot, but time consuming to edit. Maybe you want to let us help you with editing your videos so you can spend more time to make more videos. We understand because we also have our own youtube channel where we edit everything from tutorials, video videos, and showcase our client video edits. Take a look at some of our videos. Please contact us to edit your next video.

Youtube video editing service

My hot desk at Creative coworkers in Railtown with Gastown vibes

How does it work

  1. Contact us and let us know the amount of footage and what camera you shot it on. (example Panasonic gh5 4k 20gb of footage)

  2. Once we agree to do your project you can upload your footage to dropbox or google drive

  3. Let us know the music, length and any editing notes for the video

  4. We download the footage and edit the first draft for your to view

  5. You provide feedback on the first draft

  6. we revise the video for you to view

  7. If you’re happy we will share Final Video with you on dropbox (.mov or .mp4 format)

Past Clients

Bangkok Videographer
Bangkok Videographer

Sample Vlogs we have made

Contact us for a quote We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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