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Videographer In Kyoto Japan

Videographer In Kyoto Japan

Hi my name is Greg Hung the owner of ChicVoyage Productions and a Canadian Videographer. If you’re an international company, small business or individual looking for an English speaking professional Videographer in Kyoto or Kobe, Japan you’ve come to the right place. We are also available to travel to other nearby locations in Japan like Tokyo,Kyoto, Kobe, or Nagasaki for your projects.

Japanese Subtitling Translation Service

We have experience translating videos recorded in native Asian languages like Korea, Thai, and Japanese to English and vice verse. We can provide subtitles on the video and transcriptions if needed.

I have produced professional client videos in Japan, South Korea, Bangkok Thailand, Taipei Taiwan, Hawaii, and Vancouver for International companies like Payoneer, Schneider electric, Hypertherm, Marquerie to International Travel companies. The type of videos we produce range from drone aerials, interviews, grand openings, business product or service promotion, training videos, and travel videos. What makes us unique is our world class customer service and ability to deliver a high quality Video at good value. I use cutting edge Video camera’s to deliver high quality Video without bulk gear and large film crews that can add expenses to your budget. We can film high resolution 4K Videos, aerials, and audio and depending on your project we can complete your project with a single videographer or scale to a project team if required. I’m an experienced drone pilot and aerial videographer. I’ve been flying the first generation phantom 1 since 2013 and currently use the Mavic Air drone. Please contact me for a quote.

Kyoto Videographer

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Bangkok Videographer

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