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Video Audio Expert – Curtis Judd Podcast Interview Ep 26 – Greg Hung Show

Greg Hung interviewed the Audio for Video guru Curtis Judd on the Greg Hung show podcast episode Ep 26. Curtis started focusing on reviewing microphones and recorders for Video and now has over 50k subscribers on his Youtube channel. On this interview you will get tips for improving the production value of your videos through sound and lighting. Curtis Also interviews me about about flying drone, monetizing video, and online video business which I’m happy to share about.  This interview will be of value for freelancers that want to improve their production value on their own videos.

Lessons we can learn from Curtis:

  1. Respect your Youtube audiences times

  2. You can balance your online business with a day job that is related and you are passionate

  3. Make friends in the industry

  4. Put that microphone closer to your mouth

  5. The difference between dynamic and condenser microphones

  6. It may make sense to split up your Youtube channels for niche topics

Full Video Interview

Curtis Judd interviews me on aerial video in Asia and online video business

Podcast available on itunes

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