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Vancouver Aerial View – DJI Mavic drone

Vancouver is a beautiful city in the summer especially when you can enjoy a Vancouver Aerial View. I used the DJI Mavic to get some aerial filming in around the city. The DJI Mavic was great for carrying around in my backpack and setting up quickly. I like the fact that it doesn’t attract too much attention. It respond well to the controls and inspired confidence in this machine. I was very happy with picture quality of the video, which appears to be of similar quality to the DJI Phantom perhaps even better. You have to remember to tap to focus otherwise you may end up with a blurry shot. This is only half the battle. You still have to edit this video footage. That is why I created a behind the scenes video for how I created this video in Final Cut Pro X in my course. I also include a video for iMovie. I cover everything from music, titles, and storyboarding. Sign up to receive the free email Course and some free videos in the course.

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