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Unlock our Mexico Stock Footage Collection using Cryptocurrency (NFT)

Mexico Stock Footage NFT

We are offering more options to access our 4K and HD Mexico Stock footage using Cryptocurrency and NFT’s.

Now you can click our link to access our Mexico Stock Footage NFT and pay using ethereum on the polygon network. NFT holders will receive unlockable content in the form of our 4K drone, Gopro, and Mirrorless Footage.

mexico stock footage NFT

Our premium Mexico Stock Footage Collection is now available to license and we are happy to report that you can pay using cryptocurrency through our NFT. Our Mexico stock footage collection features nightlife, food, beach, attractions shot in 4K and Full HD in locations like Playa Del Carmen, Holbox, Tulum, Bacalar, Cozumel, and Merida. We have recently also set up NFT (non fungible token ) access so you can pay using cryptocurrency to unlock the content by using the green button. If you would like to pay using credit card then use the blue button. You can sample some of our Mexico Stock Footage for free by signing up below.

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