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Stock footage earnings from 2 years 2014 – 2016 across agencies

Since been discovered by stock footage agency motionelements in December 2013 I’ve committed myself to Stock footage videography full-time. I’ve learned a lot and struggled a lot. Stock is my rock meaning it has become the foundation of my passive online Internet streams. I felt it was time for me to look at all the sales data I’ve had access to and share some info with other stock footage videographers. I’ve been doing stock footage almost full-time for 2 years. By doing so I want to inspire other stock footage videographers to share their earnings and tips so we can all improve. I also want to give a realistic picture of what people who want to get into this can expect. Here are some highlights of the report.

Largest daily payout – $170 US in December 2015

You may have shot a lot of footage, but what what really counts is how many clips you have approved an on-line with the stock footage agencies. Here is a snapshot of my current collection post. Keep in mind I had I had a collection around 5000 pond, 3700 on shutterstock and 2000 on Videoblocks at this time

My largest monthly payout $1235 US December 2015

This was also coincidentally my largest payout across 6 agencies. This a nice side income for someone in a Western country or even to cover a cost of living in a country like Thailand. My total monthly cost of living in Chiang Mai Thailand is about $711 US for reference. At this point it appears perhaps I’ve hit diminishing returns on the ration of size of collection to earnings. I was thinking to scale stock footage this year, but even if I doubled my stock footage collection based on my data I don’t think I would hit six figures. Stock footage has earned me time, location, and creative freedom to focus on other things like develop other businesses. I enjoy teaching and sharing and it just so happens that teaching what you know is another way to earn an income. I also recommend doing free-lance videography for clients. Stock footage is a chance to train and improve your craft filming what you love.

My first sale

It was actually sometime in 2012 when I just threw some clips up on pond 5. Once I took it seriously I hit $30US in March 2014 and $685.88 Mar 2015 a year later. There is definitely a correlation between putting up a larger collection on more than one agency and higher earnings. However, the ratio of earnings to the size of my collection has not continued a year later.

Stock footage earnings

How many clips do I have and which stock footage agencies do I use

Online collection as of April 2016

Pond 5 5300, Shutterstock 4059, Videoblock 2401, Dissolve 3673, Pixta 154,  Motion elements 5723

Online collection as of April 2015

Pond 5 est 3000, Shutterstock 3000, Videoblock 1000, Dissolve 2432, Pixta 1258

You may have shot a lot of footage, what what really counts is how many clips you have approved an on-line with the stock footage agencies. Here is a snapshot of my current collection. I started out with 500 clips that I submitted to Motionelements and have steadily increased my collection since January 2014.

Here is what you expect in the full report

  1. Monthly sales figures by agency March 2014- April 2015 across all agencies I use

  2. Monthly stock footage averages by year

  3. Differences in income month by month agency by agency

  4. My top earning 5 earning clips of all time on Shutterstock

  5. An introduction to doing stock footage while living abroad in a country like Thailand

Stock footage Earnings

Agencies I use

These are affiliate links. Just a caveat if you click on some of the banners of these sites I will earn a referral income. I’ve only placed referral banners for sites that I recommend. If you decide to click on them a big thanks!

Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

video resources


Stock footage PIXTA

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