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South East 4k aerial footage stock footage

Chicvoyage productions has been busy adding South East 4k aerial stock footage to the collection from countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. An aerial drone allows to creatively capture footage without many restrictions in 4k resolution. Stay tuned as Chicvoyage continues to add to the 4k aerial collection. These are short video clips a 4096 X 2160 resolution 24 frames per second.

4K Night Aerial – Slow Rising Crane Shot Of Yangon

Low Forward Aerial Towards Angkor Wat

Night Aerial 4K Flight – Forward And Rising Crane Shot Of Schwedagon Pagoda

Aerial – Young Thai Couple Sit At University Lake

4K Aerial Low Flight From Grass Field To Crane Shot Of Thatbyinyu Temple

Drone Flying Through The Soccer Goal Post

Aerial Right Dolly People Training At Muay Thai Gym

Low Forward Aerial Shot – Shwe San Daw Pagoda And Stupas

Wide 4K Shot Of Taipei 101 Sun Yat Sen – From 12 Floor Building

South East 4k aerial footage stock footage

We can also do aerial photography

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