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Saramonic UWMic 9 Lavalier Microhpone Product Review and Field Tests

The Saramonic UWMic 9 is a good quality wireless lav mic that is below the cost of the Sennheisser G3’s or Rode Link Filmmaker Kit. For those that are unfamiliar with the brand  you are not alone. For Videographers or production team looking for a good quality ultra high frequency lavalier microphone Saramonic should be considered. In the past I’ve rented the Sennheisser G3’s (now Sennheisser G4’s priced at $600US) when it was required. It’s convenient to have a a lav mic set in your kit though. The Rode link Film-maker kit ($299US) was the next kit I was eyeing for years. The Saramonic’s UWMic 9 are close in price to the rode’s are $269 US. The price difference isn’t too much, but I liked the fact there is an upgrade path to get a second transmitter set for Saramonic. The reviews on B and H are good and after owning a smartphone and laptop that are made in china I have more trust in products made there these days.

The product finished of the sets are good. I like the factor this kit comes with a wire to connect to the camera an an XLR cable for higher end camera’s or field recorders.  Both sets are powered by double AA batteries. The box it comes with is made of cardboard so I recommend you buy a good container to protect your investment. In this video we do our first field tests including a range test and show you how to switch the channels. In these videos we have audio clipping as we recorded in a workspace with potential interference from wifi or other electronic signals.

Saramonic UWMic 9 Lav Mic Product Review and Field Tests

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