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Panasonic GH5 Studio Setup – Vlog

How do you use the Panasonic GH5 in a Studio or Vlog setup? For starters you can make good use of the flip out screen to see what your seeing. For the Video setup I recommend HD 1080P at 24 fps. For Vlogging because of the changing lighting conditions it better to set the mode to Intelligent Audio (IA) or Aperture Priority. If you’re in the studio set it in manual with a low aperture and an ideal iso that isn’t too noisy in the picture. Set the focus to Auto focus continuous (AFC) Facial detection and the lens to auto. To enhance the audio you can plug in something like a Rode shotgun mic or a Lav mic like I did in this video. If you’re in a studio setup you can use an LED light panel for additional lighting. Check out the Video for more tips.

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