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Panasonic GH5 Online Course

The Panasonic GH5 Online course is designed for first-time 4k mirrorless camera owners wanting to learn video or Canon SLR video shooters transitioning to a mirrorless camera. Perhaps it is time for a camera upgrade and you’re wondering if this is the camera for your money. This camera is capable of 4k slow motion or even HD super slow-motion at 180fps. This course will remove the complexity from this camera to help you shoot effective video and include the entire workflow from shooting to post-production.The course covers photography, but the main focus will be Video.

The course is taught by Canadian Travel videographer Greg Hung, who has taught Aerial Videography courses for DJI Mavic, Stock Footage, DJI Osmo, Gopro, and travel living guides available at the Travel Videography Lifestyle School.

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