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Nightlife Photography & Video Online Course

Nightlife Photography & Video Online Course

I love the nightlife and often take my camera out to shoot videos and photos while I’m out. I’m going to share some of my top tips and gear setup to improve your nightlife footage in the Nightlife Photography & Video Online Course.

This course is designed to help improve your ability to capture nightlife footage.When I say nightlife I’m talking about nightlife at bars and restaurants with video and photography

How many people do you see bring out their camera at night? Hardly any. This is an underserved area

I’ve been a nightlife event photography for an expat group in Taiwan. I’ve also filmed client videos at night at grand events, and film nightlife footage

You’re going to learn what gear to use, different techniques, and what opportunities there are as a nightlife photographer and videographer. I’m also going to share how you can monetize your nightlife footage.


What will you learn from this Course?

  1. How to Improve your Nightlife Videos (Heavy Emphasis)

  2. How to Improve your Nightlife Photos

  3. Full Workflows for working with a Nightlife Video using photos

  4. Full Workflows and technical details for Night Photos

  5. Tips for improving Nightlife Aerial Footage

  6. An introduction to a business model to monetize on their Nightlife videos


Improve your Nightlife Footage

Get Video tips and get email updates on the upcoming Nightlife Photography & Videography Course and how to monetize on this footage.

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