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International Stock Footage Collection – Reseller License Available

Stock footage agencies and businesses looking to rapidly increase their footage library with a high quality international footage collection can look to Chicvoyage Productions.

Our Stock footage collection began in 2011 along with the HD resolution in Canon SLR cameras. We have a strong stock footage collection in Vancouver Canada, Asia, and South Africa.

Our Stock Footage Collection Profile

  1. Our stock footage collection is currently estimated at 8500 Stock footage clips

  2. 6000 of our clips are in in HD 1920 * 1080P 24 frames per second (fps)

  3. 2500 our our clips are shot in 4K & ultra 4k at 24 and 60fps

Bali Indonesia Aerial Stock footage

Stock Footage collection library features nightlife, food and drink, point of view, sports, aerials, and travel attractions around the world with footage shot in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Bali, Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia.

Stock Footage agencies or businesses now an opportunity to purchase a reseller license for our entire Stock Footage library. What this means is your can resell our footage on your platform non-exclusively to other customers in a Royalty free model. This is a great opportunity for Stock agencies or businesses that want to add to their footage collection

Cities Featured: Thailand – Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Tao Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi Vancouver, Canada Indonesia – Bali, Komodo Islands Singapore Myanmar (Yangon, Bagan) Vietnam (Saigon, Halong Bay, Hanoi) Taiwan (Taipei, Kaohsiung, Sun Moon Lake, Alishan) India (Chennai) South Africa (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kruger National Park) Turks & Caicos United States (Seattle, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Grand Canyon)

International Stock footage

How it works

Our entire 4K Stock Footage library including Aerial footage currently is estimated at 2500 cut Stock footage clips. These clips included meta with standard columns in the CSV file supported by stock agencies like Pond 5 (etc title, city,country, filename, keywords). Our collection is store securely in the cloud

Once you make the purchase you will be contacted by us directly with an agreement for your to review and sign

You will receive the download links to download the footage and the keyworded footage. If you wish to receive the footage on hard-drives this can be arranged at an additional depending on your location.

Pricing is subject to change

$10,000 US


  1. Reseller license for our entire footage collection non-exclusively

  2. Access to 2500 4K clips (aerials, food, nightlife, models, travel attractions, models)

  3. Access to over 6000 HD clips (aerials, food, nightlife, models, travel attractions)

Next Steps

If you’re ready please contact us using the form!

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