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How to get Started with Generative AI Music

How to get Started with Generative AI Music

One of the most innovative technologies that has emerged in recent years is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has revolutionized several industries, including music. AI-powered music generators create unique compositions that would not have been possible with traditional methods. You can also take existing popular music tracks and put them through AI covers of popular voices to convert a song with their voice. You can get started creating your own AI generated music using and even convert existing songs with famous voices using The popular Drake AI song “heart on my sleeve” was apparently generated with this which is how I found voicify. You can put a popular song like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and convert it to Donald Trump’s voice. Donald Trump’s voice cover is behind a monthly subscription paywall, which i joined to try some of the premium AI covers. When you have the premium subscription you can do unlimited downloads and can generate a song privately. On the free version you are limited to a just some downloads and certain AI cover models. It’s a lot of fun and I created some samples for you to try. I even used Midjourney’s paid subscription to create the album cover art.

AI music with voicify

How to generate your own music beats with AI

If you are interested in generating your own music beats you create try I signed up for the premium subscription for over a year, which allows unlimited downloads and social monetization. You can start off with a genre template and there have some ability to customize the tracks with with the speed (bpm), the key (minor/major), and just like most generative AI platforms you can create variations. This video below features all AI music from

The images were generated with Adobe’s new firefly which allows you to generate images with text prompts. It is still early days so stay tuned for developments in this technology. Sign up for our newsletter and look out for our upcoming online course.

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