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How to Change the Virtual Background on Zoom – Photo & Video

How to Change the Virtual Background on Zoom – Photo & Video

Zoom has become one of the popular video group chat teleconferencing programs. One of the useful features it has is the ability to change your virtual background using a photo or a video like some of the people in the call image below have changed. This allows you to hide your messy kitchen of living room during the call.

  1. Click on the profile bubble on the top right

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click Virtual Background

  4. Click the Add icon and select an image (JPG) or video (mov)

  5. That’s it

for the videos you may want to select that is not to distracting for the other people on the call. You also want to make sure your video is Full HD resolution or lower (1920*1080p). 4K videos are not currently supported. You can select and right click the properties of the file to see the video resolution.

How to change your zoom virtual background

Where can you find some virtual backgrounds for zoom?

You can use any images or videos you may have taken, but if you would like some professional travel landmarks we have setup a Travel Virtual Background Set 1 that offers inspiring scenery of San Francisco, Seattle, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Grand Canyon, and Tokyo Japan.

What will I receive?

you will receive 25 Full HD Videos and 20 photos to use as virtual backgrounds on zoom

What is your refund policy?

There is a 30 day satisfaction 100% money back guarantee.

will you be producing more background sets?

If there is enough demand from the first set we have a video library of thousands of clips we can produce more backgrounds.

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