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How do you connect another external HDMI monitor to your iMac including 4k

How do you connect another external HDMI monitor to your iMac

Lets say you want to connect another external LCD monitor to your iMac or  your Mac because you are a stock trader or a video editor how do you do that? You need a Mini Displayport to HDMI adaptor. I went to the Apple store to do some research.

If you need to connect a 2nd monitor to your imac or another mac device that doesn’t have an HDMI port what is the solution? I took a picture of our iMac, which didn’t have any more hdmi ports, but it has a mini display adaptor port. If you require a 4K adaptor then you can purchase the one from the apple store, which supports 4k for about $30-40, but its cheaper if you purchase it from Amazon.

how do you connect external hdmi monitor to imac

What if I don’t have a 4K computer or a 4k monitor

Good news you can save even more as the apple store doesn’t sell an HD version. if you check  your Mac’s display and the resolution is under 3840 * 2160 then your computer doesn’t  support 4k and can purchase the HD one.

Or if your  external LCD monitor doesn’t support 4K either then you don’t need a 4K adaptor.

You can purchase the HD version from Amazon for $5-9 depending on whether you are from Canada or the USA.

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