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Greg Hung Show (GHS) 11: Los Angeles Inspire 1 Videographer Like the Joker says If you’re good at so

Check out the podcast and looks for his reference to the Joker. While I don’t agree with the this quote fully it seems to work for Josh. We don’t need to have all the same beliefs, but if we do something we enjoy chances are you will have a better chance at success.

Like the Joker says “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”

Here is what what you can expect to hear and learn in this episode

  1. His early start and how he ramped up his knowledge

  2. Our role models in the video space

  3. Is Youtube the right channel to monetize your videos?

  4. How he uses Youtube to market his Video business

  5. His thoughts on the Inspire 1 drone and the DJI Osmo

  6. Tools that he uses for his video business

  7. What’s the scene like to do paid Aerial videography in Los Angeles


This is the actual youtube video that helped me discover Josh. With so many tutorial Youtube videos out there I think comes across as authentic and entertaining. He’s not trying to come up as a polished perfect instructor, but he is relatable.

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