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Gopro 8 Online Course is Here! Beyond next level

Gopro 8 Online Course

The Gopro 8 Online Course is now available for enrollment! Gopro 8 continues to take things to the next level especially with the Hypersmooth 2.0 Technology, which eliminates the need for a gimbal. This is real. You can actually walk and just film handheld and expect smooth video footage.

Gopro 8 Online Course

Canadian Travel Videographer Greg Hung has been using Gopro’s since the Hero 2 in 2011 and has a wealth of experience filming with their action cameras. Students in our Gopro 8 course Travel Videographer Bundle will get access to our previous Gopro course (Gopro 4,5,6) plus a pack of useful courses like Make money with Travel Videos, Chiang Mai Essential living guide, Final Cut Pro X Survial Guide and more!

You will learn how to get the most out of your Gopro 8 with techniques used to film in different scenarios. Some of the techniques for filming underwater and from a car are the same across models as it will help to use the underwater housing and poles or the suction cup mounts.

You will get an in depth guide using the Gopro’s improved touch menu as well as the app and even venture into live streaming on Youtube and Facebook.

Post Production Editing Room

Our courses offer more than just creation techniques. We are going to take you behind the scenes to the editing room. We are going to supply you with relevant project footage from Greg’s travels to the Maldives and Vancouver to practice your editing. The Project footage is a mix of 4K and HD footage shot at high frame rates with Gopro’s, drones, and the well respected Panasonic GH5 professional camera. 

Editing Gopro Footage

Learn how to edit Gopro Footage into Video and For Stock

We are going to put in all together in the Video editor to publish a video on Youtube. Greg will share his workflow and techniques in Adobe Premiere to publish this video. You will learn how to make use of your high frame rate footage to create slow motion shots.

Monetize Your Gopro Footage

As a bonus Greg will introduce you to how you can start monetizing your Gopro footage online to earn a passive income. Greg will cover his workflow for editing Gopro Stock clips in Adobe Premiere 2019 and workflow for applying keywords and titles in bulk to Adobestock Stock Agency.

I’ve already submitted some 4K Gopro hyperlapse clips to Adobe Stock and they are approved! I’m sure they will sell as they are unique. Good news for Stock Footage Videographers. The stabilization in this camera is real. In the course you will get an introduction to stock footage and share my current post production workflow for stock clips using Gopro footage in Adobe Premiere

The Gopro 8 Course – Beyond Next Level is now live! In this course you will learn the techniques to perform what I think are the best features: Time Warp walking time lapse, Live Stream, Super Slow Mo in Post production and more.

Whether you’re a travel vlogger, adventurer, stock footage videographer, or an existing or prospective Gopro 8 user you’ll find this course useful to you. 

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