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GHS (009) – US travel drone photographer couple in Asia

Welcome to the drone entrepreneur month where the focus will be on drone owners and and how they use them for business. Landon was the first drone owner I met in Chiang Mai. He is one half of the american travel blogger couple from San Diego. I’m jealous that they go to live the digital nomad lifestyle in a personal and business partnership. They run an excellent travel blog called with a great combination of photos, videos, and detail oriented copy. No doubt a result of their work partnership. In this interview we will discuss camera’s, drones, business, travel packing tips, and a top tip for traveling a a couple.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Expenses for a couple in San Diego versus South East Asia

  2. How they funded their travels

  3. How to pack travel gear, drones, and camera gear in South East Asia

  4. Flying drones in Halong Bay Vietnam and anxiety

  5. How they distribute their videos and content

  6. How long it takes them to create their great blog posts

  7. The challenge of maintaining the nomadic lifestyle

  8. #1 travel tip as a couple


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