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Free Videography and Video Editing Courses

free videography courses

Free Videography Courses

Try out some of our Free Videography and Video Editing courses at the Content Creator Academy Youtube Channel. Whether you want to learn to produce video with a drone, gimbal, or even a gopro you’ll find it here. You can also learn how to video edit with two of most popular video editing applications like Final Cut and Premiere Pro at the Content Creator Academy Youtube Channel.

Because our courses are online you can take them safely from anywhere at any time to level up your skills.

Learn a diverse range of current skills from video production, editing, podcast, marketing, and entrepreneurship at our content creator academy. Try out from of our free courses to start from learning stock footage, gimbal film-making, video editing, email marketing and generative artificial intelligence.


Free aerial videography course

Aerial Videography

Learn how to fly and film safely while pulling off amazing shots for Mavic or Phantom Drones.

premiere pro free video editing

Premiere Pro Video Editing

Learn core skills to start video editing. You can even try Adobe Creative cloud free for 7 days here.

final cut video editing free course

Final Cut Pro X – Survival guide

A practical class for intermediate video editors looking to do learn some practical skills.

free videography-and video-editing courses
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