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Free Online Yoga Class

Free Online Yoga Classes

We offer Free Online Yoga Classes from a certified Hath Yoga Instructor of 4 years. Your instructor is Yogi Vibes from Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. These free classes are just a sample of our online yoga course. Chicvoyage helped produce this 4 hour online course which will help tone and increase your flexibility for your whole body.

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Try out some of the free classes here.

This is a complete guide to learning Hatha style yoga flow at home and at your own pace.  You will get a good overall workout that will help tone your body, flexibility, and wellness.

Our class is accessible to beginners and is a sequence of yoga poses designed to align your skin, muscles & bones.

The course consist of 4 hours of practice content that come’s in 4 sections that focuses on the 4 major body parts:

Section 1 : neck, shoulder & back

Section 2 : arm, core & oblique

Section 3 : glute, hamstring & calves

Section 4 : arm toning

Each section come in 3 parts of 10 to 20 minutes and is a step-by-step guide to work on our body, mind & breathing.

Let’s get start on our total body workout!

Who this course is for:

  1. beginner students that want to do yoga at home

How was the Yoga Online Course Produced? Production Notes

It was produced during the Corona Virus lockdown in my condo studio in Kuala Lumpur. Greg Hung of Chicvoyage Productions is an experienced online course producer and had experience filming online training classes for massage classes. It was shot with a Canon 6D SLR at Full HD resolution. We uses Sarmonic Wireless Lav microphones for the audio. The audio is the most challenging part as the yoga instructor needs to be able to perform and narrate without obstructions. We recorded the introduction with 2 camera angles. For the remainder of the course we use 1 camera for ease of the editing in post production as the course was about 4 hours in length. We edited the course together. I used Adobe Premiere and Yogi Vibes edited some sections in Final Cut Pro X with my super vision.

Is the Yoga Class Free?

Yes you can watch 2 free classes directly on the page. If you would like to take the 4 hour online class please look the enroll button

Who is the course for?

This course is for beginners

What do I need to take the course?

You just need a mat, a bit of space to practice, a high speed internet connection, and to enroll in the course

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