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Free Bali Stock Footage

Free Bali Video Stock Footage

Access amazing Free Bali Stock Video footage shot from drones, HD, and 4k resolution for free. Videos have been shot in the surf town of Canggu Bali and Ubud Bali. Our bali collection features nature, culture, digital nomads, coworking, food, and lifestyle.

Free BALI Footage

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Free Bali Stock footage

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Free Stock Footage

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What is aerial footage?

Aerial footage are beautiful drone aerials shot in the air that give you a beautiful perspective of any landscape. Most aerial footage shot with modern DJI drones after 2015 are capable of shooting in 4K resolutions.

How do you capture good drone footage?

Get a good drone with good reliable technology and a good camera. Current drones like Mavic Pro 1 & 2, Mavic Air, and the Phantom 4 are all capable. You need to practice to learn to fly the drone first, learn how to operate the camera and the app, then you need apply video techniques like understanding of iso and shutter speed, fly during a time when there is good light like sunrise and sunset, learn drone filming techniques like crane shot, side sweeps, birds eye angle and more. As you can see there is some learning involved, which is why I create several online courses.

What is drone footage?

Drone Footage are videos shots high in the air. The technology has advanced quickly thanks to companies like DJI providing the technology to consumers to film amazing videos of our world.

What is the best drone to buy?

It depends on you an your needs. I recommend staying on the Dji platform as were a first mover and their technology is proven. All their products are reliable, and they have a range of products to suit different budgets and needs. Currently I fly Mavic Air, which is a great drone for travel and can shoot amazing 4k, and fits in your backpack. The mavic mini shoots lower resolution, but is under the weight allowance of many countries regulators. If you want larger drones you can look at Mavic 2 and Inspire 2. You will pay more for a larger drone, but the footage may be a bit better.

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