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Finding Happiness & Balance in the Entrepreneur Grind with Chris Chiu: GHS28

Chris Chiu escaped the wallstreet corporate lifestyle in New York to discover happiness in his 2 homes in Bali and Chiang Mai. He had 2 collapsed lungs after balancing his job and earning his MBA. Learn from his journey and his approach to finding balance between business, health, and happiness.

Chris reveals the realities of building a business and living in Chiang Mai being surrounded by young entrepreneurs hustling and pursuing popular business models they are not happy about.

He also shares health and nutrition tips for your body and his daily rituals for structuring his day. Chris understands the relationship between self care of the body and business productivity. Chris has also taken an alternative route experimenting with indigenous healing methods like Ayahuasca in South America.

He has spent long periods of time between Chiang Mai and Bali and previews the lifestyle there. Enjoy the Podcast. I apologize for any external sounds of Chiang Mai, but that’s organic experience of actually being there (dogs, motorbikes, planes).

Video Podcast

Full Audio Podcast

Links – his udemy course and morning ritual guide

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