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Final Cut Pro X Survival Guide – Online Course

Final Cut Pro X survival Guide is a very practical online training course for intermediate Final Cut Pro X video editors looking to learn essential workflows as a Videographer from start to Finish. The course will teach production setups in the studio and in the field. It’s also going to cover the post production side of things in Final Cut Pro X. If you appreciate my ability to cut through complexity I’m sure you will enjoy this course. I’ve also included some practical workflows that I regularly use FCPX for:

  1. Importing, color grading, stabilizing and cutting footage for stock

  2. Voice overs and screen grabs

  3. Extracting Audio and cleaning Background noise

  4. Apply cinematic black borders

  5. How to use Motion to edit text and effects presets

  6. How to use compressor to apply batch effects and encoding conversions to video files

  7. Adjusting and customizing color and text

  8. Exporting to different Video formats

  9. Full workflow for making a full video

Final Cut Pro X Survival Guide

Learn Final Cut Pro X Essential Workflows

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