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FCPX – Final Cut Pro X – How and Why to Export a Project to XML

In this Video you’re going to learn how and why to export a Final Cut Pro X project to XML. Why would you need to do this you ask? I was outsourcing a video edit job to someone. I wanted to be able to fine tune the project after if needed. I had to do some research because those Apple forums are not aways so clear.  If you export the video project to XML you can re-open the FCPX project with the media clips intact with any attributes even if created on another computer with FCPX. You do need the raw files and you will need to relink the files.

Final Cut Pro X - How and why to export to XML

Check out the video lesson for the demonstration. To see the full lesson, more free lessons, and the entire course of essential workflows for Final Cut Pro X click here.

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