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DJI Ronin S Ronin S Gimbal Review Pros and Cons for Event and Stock Footage Videographers

DJI Ronin S Ronin S Gimbal Review Pros and Cons

For the past several years I’ve observed event videographers using cranes to capture events. I’ve relied on the stabilization on my lens and my mirrorless camera for a couple of years. It does a great job, but tilt movements and pans can be a bit jerky still. I’ve seen some cranes released from a couple of chinese companies over the years and thought that this would be the next upgrade to really raise the production value to the next level as a videographer and stock footage videographer. Enter the DJI Ronin S Essentials Kit Gimbal

DJI Ronin S Gimbal Review

DJI Ronin S Gimbal Review

This technology was first introduced in 2016 with the DJI Osmo. DJI gave a decent camera that shot 4k, but it was a fixed focal length camera with limited low light capability. Using the crane technology give you the ability to use gimbal technology with your primary camera. I was looking at the camera upgrade options for the DJI osmo several years ago and they were too expensive and didn’t make sense. I actually sold quite a few clips from the DJI osmo and the ability to get smooth footage from the car or a motorbike was something really unique. Still the osmo camera was a limited camera that didn’t offer enough features or quality to be considered a primary camera.

In 2019 DJI release DJI Ronin. After testing the Ronin Im impressed by the product build and quality so far. The battery life is excellent, it’s strong enough to handle the payload of my heavy setup Panasonic GH5, Viltrox lens adaptor, Canon 24-105 lens, and an ND filter. The app communicates with the device well, and it does improve production value.

Regular people on the street that see you also take you a bit more seriously. They can distinguish you from regular photographers and the whole setup looks more serious!

Check out a few videos i’ve shot with the Ronin in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Pros Good product build Perceived as more professional Can carry most payloads App communicates Well New type of Shots (from the car, back of a truck, running, flash light , low angle, tracking motion) Fairly travel friendly

Cons Balance and setup Out of the box may be too fast and jerky Price As a traveler it’s another bag

Who is it For? Event Videographers Film-makers Stock Footage videographers Vehicle footage

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