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The DJI Ronin S Gimbal is a product designed to help videographers and content creators improve the production value of their videos. It’s a well-built product that can carry a payload of up to 8lbs. I purchased it a year ago primarily to shoot stock footage, walking tour videos, and videography. After a year of using it I have a love hate relationship with the Ronin. It’s great for filming from cars or moving vehicles with my camera setup of the Panasonic GH5 and 24-105 lens. I can shoot super smooth slow motion shots in 4K from almost any vehicle.

Learn gimbal video film-making

The setup and balancing of the Ronin is the most challenging part, but after practice you get better at this. The app is well supported by DJI coming out with major updates in 2020 to add new features like activetrack and force mobile.  I have the essentials kit which is good enough to focus with using an aperture of F4 and higher while moving. The app allows you to program different movement profiles to the motors so you can use the joystick to move the arms faster or slower. The Ronin has a lot of capabilities, but due to the weight and time it takes to setup I always have to think about whether I want to make it a Ronin shooting day. I’ve figured out how to transport it internationally as well as in locally in the city within a backpack.

The Ronin S is too heavy to be use for filming an event for 30 minutes continuously. Packing it in the foam case for international travel remains the remain drawback for this product, but it does it’s job. It’s a quality gimbal that comes in a good price. You can purchase the DJI Ronin S Here

DJI Ronin S Gimbal Review

Bottom Line

Who is this for:

  1. Event film-makers that need to follow the action

  2. Property videographers

  3. Stock Footage videographers

  4. Film-makers looking to get unique niche shots like filming from a car.

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