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Dji Phantom 3 – Pilot App review and free lesson

Dji Phantom 3 – Pilot App review and free lesson


Bagan Myanmar

Now that I’ve spent plenty of hours flying the Phantom 3 Pro and producing an upcoming on-line video course I can conclude that the app is essential to flying it safely. The free app called DJI Pilot for the Phantom 3 professional drone really exceeded my expectations. Here are a few things I’m impressed with:

  1. Telemetry stats – The app can tell you the aircraft’s distance and altitude away from you as well as the speed. This is not just a cool thing, but it’s a safety feature to know the exact distance the phantom is away from you when you loose line of sight. Once you’re high up 300 ft you’ll easily lose sight of it in the clouds.

  2. Live HD feed – It’s great to be able to watch a live HD feed of the aircraft camera. From a videographer’s perspective its great to  At times the video feed can get choppy, but for a videographer you can at least frame your shots from the air. From a safety perspective I found it useful to know which way the aircraft was facing once I lost line of sight

  3. Essential stats – You have the ability to view satellite reception and whether you’ve got GPS safe to fly status, and aircraft and remote control battery life. In Phantom 1 it was a lot harder to get this accurate information

  4. Camera app integration – After using Phantom 1 with a Gopro using the camera from the App is such an upgrade. I can alternate between videos and photos in the air. You have the ability to set up the video resolution and other settings very easily

  5. Extras – Most time is spent in the Camera program within the App, but there are other goodies such as the Director (used to make quick aerial videos from your tablet), and the flight simulator (used to practice)

Enjoy the free video lesson. Be sure to sign up for more Phantom 3 updates and availability of my on-line Phantom 3 course

Gear I recommend

This is the gear I recommend. These are affiliate links that I get a commission from. Thanks if you decide to click and buy from this link

Phantom 3 Professional

It allows me to film 4k aerial videos and photos. It’s easy to travel with and as a 1st generation flyer I appreciate all the safety and technology improvements it allows. The integrated camera allows me to get great stable videos and photos that I can control from the app on my ipad mini 2.

My drone of choice photo credit:Landon

My drone of choice photo credit:Landon

Phantom 3 Professional battery

The battery gives you 23 advertised minutes of flight time, but in reality with the critical battery warnings you want to bring it down sooner than this. I recommend that once you hit 10% battery you should be coming back to land. If you buy the Phantom 3 pro drone the battery is definitely a smart purchase if you want more flight time. It will save you the hassle of leaving your flight location to find a coffee shop to charge for an hour. Purchase the battery here.

Bring battery on carry on luggage-1

Getting a second battery is a good idea

While I don’t personally use this setup yet this would be a great setup for someone who is doing a lot of traveling and filming or someone who is mobile. I converted from travel luggage to a Costco kirkland hardshell suitcase and they are great for water protection and protecting delicate things like beer bottles. This hardshell backpack will offer water and piercing protection for your Phantom 3. If you are traveling in countries like South East Asia you may need to ride an e-bike or scooter this is right product. The extra battery will also come in handy as I’ve had too many times where I easily used up the battery power and struggled to find a power point or had to go back to the hotel to charge.

How to Travel and pack the Phantom 3 drone

If you just need to carry the drone and want extra flying time this combo if the package to get. Click to buy from this affiliate link

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