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DJI Mavic – All 3 ActiveTrack Modes

ActiveTrack Intelligent Mode for the DJI Mavic drone is one of the coolest new features. It must have had some earlier military applications as the drone camera is smart enough to identify and track a person, animal, or object and keep the camera on them. We are focusing on the video potential of Activetrack and I believe this mode has awesome potential to pull off cool cinematic shots. There are 3 different modes (trace,spotlight, and horizon)..actually 3.5 because you can tell trace mode to begin orbiting your subject while they are moving. I filmed a video with my friend and partner in the DJI Mavic Course in one of my favorite parks in Vancouver to demo these features. The video is one lesson that is part of the Online class to teach you film stunning Video with the DJI Mavic

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