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Chill Hop


Chill Hop

Chill hop is a popular growing form of music perhaps popularized by the Racoon Chill hop mascot from the popular youtube channel. What is Chill hop. I define it as instrumental ambient music that is upbeat yet chill. It’s great music for rainy days or to focus and work to. During depressing winters it can get you in the right mindset emotionally to tune it out and focus.

Where can you get Chillhop music for your videos?

I have partnered with my friend of Sunsky beats from Vancouver Canada to release a growing number of ambient beats that you can license for your projects.  We are cooking up beats on the Pacific Northwest in Vancouver Canada. We grew up in the hip hop Biggie Smalls Era and took different inspirations from electronic rave techno to the club scene. Our style is am ambient Chill Hop style that is great for your music Videos. Our first BeatPack features 5 tracks that you will receive to download after your purchase. You can use the beats for your video or commercial projects with a simple royalty free licensing model with no expiration limits. You can listen to the tracks in these videos. The videos are not included and are licenses separately, but give you an idea of how you can use these beats.

Our ambient upbeat beats go great with travel videos, amazing car drives along the beach, or nightlife.  SunSky Beats Creator DJ Vadim has a unique sound that is catchy and keeps you wanting more. By licensing your beat pack you have lifetime access to use your disc catalogue in your video projects for life. [tcb-script src=””][/tcb-script]Loading…

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