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Best of Chiang Mai 4k Aerial video highlights

Best of Chiang Mai 4k Aerial video highlights

Chiang Mai 4k Aerial video

Myself and my friend Michael flying at the mountain temple of Chiang Mai

After I produced my drone course for  I went on many flights over a course of a month around Chiang Mai to film video and take some photos. Dji also released a major software update on Sep 2015 adding new intelligent capabilities such as orbiting mode, course lock, and waypoints. Another major update was the flight records, which allowed you to study past flights. Chiang mai has some amazing architecture and beautiful natural landscape. The DJI Phantom 3 pro was an excellent drone to capture some amazing aerial videography to showcase Chiang Mai.

In this video you’ll see how I applied some of these features on particular flights.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

The Wat Phra That Doi Suthep flight was an amazing scooter ride up the Chiang Mai mountain. The first flight I went with a friend to fly in cloudy conditions. I was a bit nervous losing sight of the drone in the clouds. I was able to monitor the distance of the drone using the app, but there is always a risk of losing transmission. Still based on my first flight I knew I needed to fly further away. This was also my first actual dual flight mission meaning my first time flying with a friend. I accidentally caught footage of my friends drone. We had to communicate our altitude to avoid any potential collision.

On my next flight I picked a great sunny clear day and this time I used the course lock mode to allow me to fly further away from the temple. Using the flight records I was able to verify I flew 240 meters away.

Chiang Mai 4k Aerial

The flight record displays the exact distance I flew away from the temple

Big Buddha Temple

You’ll also see some footage of a Big Buddha statue on a mountain. My friend and I also didn’t take off as there was a lot of people on the balcony area. We found a moment when it wasn’t busy. We got people to give some space for our take off. You can see at about 50 seconds into the video how crowded the platform was. Once the drones were up I went up to 75 meters and put the drone into an orbit around the Buddha.

I’ve been busy building content for my Phantom 3 Aerial videography course and I’ve recently released my first Flight commentary video for my Phantom 3 Pro. In the video you can see live footage with the flight records overlayed along with my flight commentary. I think this is probably one of the better learning tools.

Chiang Mai 4k Aerial

My flight record around the the buddha

I’ve added the full flight records from these 2 flights plus a flight record of the Huay Kaew waterfalls.

aerial photography

An aerial selfie taken at Hua Kaew waterfalls

Chiang Mai 4k Aerial video

A souped up aerial photo I took at Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

I’ll continue putting time to provide more learning content if you find this interesting. Check out the course and my video academy for a deeper level of learning.

Aerial photography

Learn Aerial photography with me

This is the gear I used in this video and recommend.

These are affiliate links that I get a commission from. Thanks if you decide to click and buy from this link

Phantom 3 Professional

It allows me to film 4k aerial videos and photos. It’s easy to travel with and as a 1st generation flyer I appreciate all the safety and technology improvements it allows. The integrated camera allows me to get great stable videos and photos that I can control from the app on my ipad mini 2.


My drone of choice photo credit:Landon

Phantom 3 Professional battery

The battery gives you 23 advertised minutes of flight time, but in reality with the critical battery warnings you want to bring it down sooner than this. I recommend that once you hit 10% battery you should be coming back to land. If you buy the Phantom 3 pro drone the battery is definitely a smart purchase if you want more flight time. It will save you the hassle of leaving your flight location to find a coffee shop to charge for an hour. Purchase the battery here.

Bring battery on carry on luggage-1

Getting a second battery is a good idea

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