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Bangkok Videographer Media Productions

Bangkok Videographer

If you’re looking for a Bangkok Videographer in Thailand you’ve come to the right place. Hi my name is Greg Hung the owner of ChicVoyage Productions. I’m a Canadian videographer offering Videography services in Bangkok and all over Thailand. We have produced professional corporate videos in Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Hawaii, and Vancouver for clients like Schneider electric, HP Entreprise, Roche, and Marquerie to name a few. The type of videos range from drone aerials, interviews, product promotion,grand openings, training videos, and travel videos. What makes us different is our world class Canadian customer service and professions and of course we can produce a great video for you. We do not require a whole film crew set with huge cameras adding unnecessary expense to your project. We use current camera technology like 4K mirrorless camera’s, gimbals, lav mics, and drones to deliver  professional videos without the bulk. Personally I an experienced drone pilot and aerial videographer flying since 2013.

Bangkok Videographer

Professional Video Gear

Bangkok Videographer


The gear we use are powerful, but agile allowing us to offer high quality 4K resolutions with a solo to small team. We invest in the latest technology to continue to provide you professional videos at great value. Some camera’s we use ,have access to and are knowledgeable operating are the Panasonic GH5, Sony A73, and Sony FS5 camera’s. We have professional stabilization using manfrotto tripods and DJI Ronin Gimbals or smooth shots from moving vehicles. We use wireless lavalier systems for excellent audio production. We also have aerial video and photography capability piloting DJI Mavic and Mavic Air drones. We use Adobe Premiere CC 2019 and Final Cut Pro to provide our video edits.

Bangkok Videographer thailand

Filming with the gimbal from a moving red truck in chiang mai

Bangkok Videography with friendly Canadian Customer Service

Bangkok Videographer

Taipei Videographer

Past Clients

Bangkok Videographer
Bangkok Videographer

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Bangkok Videographer

Filming for US clients on the Chao phraya river in Bangkok

“Greg was awesome! He was able to help us out last minute when our original videographer bailed. Easy to work with.” Tomas and Damaries “Greg thanks so much for such a Professional, efficient job filming my major event at such short notice and in challenging conditions. I appreciated your flexibility and being so communicative and easy to work with. I am very pleased with the video you produced and hope to work with you again soon” Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson

coworking in vancouver vs asia

Video editing

Bangkok Videographer

Aerials of Asok and downtown bangkok

Does your team speak English and Thai?

Yes we speak fluent english and if a Thai speaking videographer or translator is required we can provide these services.

Where regions in Thailand do you service

We primarily service Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but can travel to nearby regions in Thailand like Phuket.

What Gear does your team use?

Oue team uses professional camera's, sound, and lighting to offer a professional video for your. We can use a variety of camera from Panasonic GH5, Canon 24-104 L Series lenses, Sennheiseser and Rode Lav Microphones.

Can you shoot 4K resolution and do you offer just footage or editing?

We can shoot 4K resolution and can offer just footage where we can transfer footage on-site after the shoot or after the shoot on cloud drive. We also offer editing and translation services.

What are typical costs?

We offer a high quality professional videography service with a quality team and gear with experience with customers from the United States. Our rates can vary from $1500 - 7000 US depending on the number of days, location, number of camera's, operators, gear requirements, size of team, and if editing is needed. We are fairly flexible depending on the date of your video shoot.

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