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Aerial Video – Learn to Earn with your Drone

Aerial Video – Earn with your Drone

Yes it is possible to earn with your drone. Drone’s like DJI’s recent models like the Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Pro line up are both portable and powerful. Over the years I’ve used a drone as a business tool. I’ve done drone filming assignments in Vancouver Canada and Asia. I’ve also monetized on the footage from the drone.

Here are some various ways that you can earn with your drone:

  1. Monetize on your footage by licensing it direct or through stock agencies

  2. Free-lance – provide aerial footage for other people or companies

  3. Produce an Online Course related to your Drone Skills. (Aerial Video, Drone Editing, Photography, Automation)

  4. Provide Youtube educational or entertainment content

You have to realize that this may take some time as you need to learn to fly a drone, film amazing aerial video, and then you will need either market yourself or figure out the workflows to do this. In the course learn to film and earn with your drone around the world I’ll give you guide down this path.

Learn to film amazing aerial videography across DJI drone models whether it is a Mavic Pro, Mavic air, or a Phantom Drone. As a Travel Aerial Videographer since 2013 this course is the sum of my 7 years of experience. You will not only learn to film amazing aerial video in different countries, but you will learn to earn with your drone in various ways whether it’s doing drone freelancing or its licensing your aerial drone footage on stock agencies. We will walk you step by step into post-production on show you how I edit my Drone videos in video editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro

aerial - earn with your drone

You will also learn how overcome various challenges like how to navigate the grey zones when it comes to drone regulation. I’ll share my experience registering and insuring my drone in Thailand. you will also learn a variety of practical topics that you may encounter being an aerial videographer around the world:

  1. Tips for great video before and during your flight

  2. Become an advanced using in the DJI GO app

  3. Learn 3rd party automation using litchi

  4. How to become a more business minded Drone Videographer

  5. How to deal with drone crashes, flyaways, and repairs

  6. How to price your aerial video drone freelance service

  7. Post-production Edit behind the Scenes in Adobe Premiere Pro and Imovie

  8. Drone insurance and registration. Example in Thailand

  9. Learning to deal with grey areas or unclear situations as an aerial videographer around the world

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