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Adobe Rush – Social Media Video Editor – Online Course

Adobe Rush – Social Media Video Editor – Online Course

Adobe Rush is an excellent choice to begin video editing basic videos for social media. It’s simple and powerful and offers the vast library of fonts and graphics that is available in Adobe Premiere. It also supports 4K video and has multiple tracks for video and audio. Check out more in the sample videos. You can also open projects on Rush on Adobe Premiere 2019 and above. Our online course is a crash course on how to do it covering an entire workflow from importing to publishing.

Adobe Rush - Online Course


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How much is Adobe Rush

It is $10 US a month and free if you subscribe to other apps like Adobe Premiere

Does Adobe Rush edit 4K footage

Yes it does

Can Adobe Rush projects be opened in Adobe Premiere

Yes they can. In the course we go walk you through how to do that.

What is the difference between Adobe Premiere and Rush

Adobe Rush is more simple but still powerful. For example you have less transitions and effects to work with. There are also less options to export your project to. Adobe Premiere allows you to synch video and audio and manage multi-camera projects.

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