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2019 Travel Videographer Gear & Kit for Mobility and Epic Footage

For Travel Videography and Content Creators you need to produce epic footage while maintaining your mobility for International Travel. I know it’s cliche ..there has never been a better time to be a travel videographer or travel creator, but it’s also a confusing time with so many choices for gear on the market. I’ve learned some valuable lessons about selecting gear that produces high production videos and doesn’t weight you down over the year. I’ve become more of a slow traveler spending from 3 months to a year at one location, but I understand the unique needs of traveling with gear internationally. Let me serve as a guide to navigate you through a world full of confusing choices for gear. I encourage everyone to assemble their own unique gear kit based on your lifestyle, budget, and choices.

Check out my Videos where I’ll go through items my new Windows 10 laptop for mobile 4K editing, Main camera, Nimble but powerful drone, my special weapon lens speed booster, and lifestyle accessories.

I’m also going to go further and reveal the software and services that I use to run a location independent video business so read on. Here are the some of the main trends I see.

Trends for 2019

  1. Dji has established itself as the main company in the drone space giving travelers many choices for mobility, high res footage, aircraft tech, and making incremental improvements on camera and flight time

  2. There are many choices for Main camera’s for travelers that excel at high res 4K footage with numerous frame rates. There is a fast product cycle change here to drive consumer demand, but the high powered footage is putting a strain on older computers

  3. With computers Apple’s Macbook Pro 15 inch is still one of the top choices for Video editing, but as a company they are escalating their prices to the point where consumers are looking at other alternatives like the Huawei Matebook X pro

  4. Storage has become more important with these new camera producing larger file sizes. Ports on newer computers are phasing out USB-3 and now featuring USB-C and Thunderbolt 3. We are seeing SSD external hard-drives appear at more affordable prices like 500GB SSD starting at $100CDN.

  5. There is a trend towards using more cloud-based software like Google Docs, Google drive/dropbox, or even the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

  6. There are different camera’s for different purposes: Gopro for underwater and action, Drones for aerial perspective, Gimbals or cranes for steadi-cam style smooth footage and so on

  7. The smartphone is becoming more of an important tool as it’s computing power, storage, and apps available increase it usefulness. The gap in what smartphones can create versus large camera’s is closing. Using the Smartphone to create content allows content creators to get photos and videos out quicker. I myself cache drone footage from the DJI app and using mobile video editing apps like inshot to edit a quick video to get out quickly

Travel Video Gear Kit 2019

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