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2 Canadians Created the World’s First Digital Nomad Currency – The Nomad Coin and INCH C

2 Canadians the World’s First Digital Nomad Currency – The Nomad Coin and INCH COIN that reached a $ 4 Million Market Cap on Opening Day

On the week of July 26th 2021 two Canadians Greg Hung & Terry Masson Created Dual Cryptocurrency Social Tokens called NOMAD & INCH. Hailing from Vancouver and Kelowna respectively this is a great success story for these two Canadians as they became overnight millionaires.

The release started with a presale lottery last week between July 30-31 whereby 20 people won the right to buy 1% of the total supply of the tokens for only $100. Little did we know that their $100 purchase would turn into $44,000 for those subscribers within hours of release!

The first Pool of NOMAD & INCH Social Tokens was released on Sunday August 1 2021. That pool of 5000 NOMAD’s with an initial value of $0.10 each sold out in blazing speed raising the price to over $44.00 making the founders Greg and Terry instant Crypto Millionaires!

At the peak of the Day 1 release the NOMAD coin started at $0.10 and reached $44.08 or a $4,408,600.00 Million Market (USD) Cap with a capped supply of 100,000 tokens.

The Inch Coin with 100 Million tokens started it’s sale at $0.0001 and reached a peak of $736,511.72 market cap with an all time high price of 0.007365117206

This effectively made Greg and Terry Cryptocurrency Millionaires combined with both projects. As Founders Terry and Greg hold 20% of each token in their Cryptocurrency wallets and have committed to their community not to sell them.

What makes this event UNIQUE and SPECIAL is that unlike many other Cryptocurrency projects with anonymous founders and hidden operations, Terry and Greg have been fully transparent on the entire process. Their Digital Nomad and Investing Nomad YouTube channels have been built on the foundation of complete Honesty and Transparency documenting the rise of their Social Tokens from inception, to community building, creation of the cryptocurrency, testing, presale lottery, full release and continued analysis throughout.

Spreading cryptocurrency knowledge and financial literacy are the core fundamental purposes of the “Investing Nomads” YouTube Channel (INCH Token). Whereas “Digital Nomads in Asia and Americas” (NOMAD Token) support the education and lifestyle of the Digital Nomad.

Both cryptos were released on the decentralized exchange Uniswap on the Ethereum mainnet as what are called ERC20 Tokens. Over 300 videos and livestreams documented this journey with an incredible outpouring of support and input from their subscribers. Every part of this project was done in the light, with the curtains pulled wide open in full transparency, honesty and integrity. Nothing was done in secret, nothing hidden, no behind door meetings, allowing the members to intimately know the men behind the machines.

There is a great history of Cryptocurrency in Canada. The world’s first Bitcoin ATM opened in a Vancouver coffee shop, Ethereum itself was created by Canadian programming genius Vitalik Buterin who became a billionaire in May 2021 briefly, and now Greg and Terry on paper are one of the first Canadian cryptocurrency Millionaires to create and launch their own cryptocurrency coins.

Greg and Terry’s is a complimentary partnership that started in Bangkok Thailand and are true examples of the Digital Nomad and Investing Nomad lifestyle. Terry initially hired Greg to do a Massage Guinness World Record Video and worked on several subsequent projects in Thailand and Canada.

Greg started investing in Bitcoin in 2017 in Chiang Mai Thailand were he was introduced to Bitcoin by a Digital Nomad friend Thomas.

Terry’s previous career as a Massage Instructor lasted 15 years but due to the Covid-19 pandemic he had to wind down his training center operations. To supplement his income he started investing in Cryptocurrency also helping Greg get back into Cryptocurrency. They mainly focused on investing into alt coins such as Cardano, XRP, and VeChain on their preferred platform

During the pandemic Greg returned to Vancouver in 2020 was unable to travel and successfully pivoted his content on youtube channel Chicvoyage to a mix of Investment and Cryptocurrency education for beginners.

Greg had a wide range of online courses focusing on content creation and video editing and found success with his Non Fungible Token (NFT) Online Course. He enlisted yet another partnership with Terry on a Cryptocurrency Course aimed at beginners. This accessible course focused on not only how to get started buying bitcoin and ethereum, but also shines a light on solid alt coin projects like Cardano, VeChain, and XRP. Beginners also learn different exchanges to buy them on, the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETF’s, how to stake their cryptocurrencies to earn passive income interest, how to use the crypto visa card, how to mint nfts, introduction to hardware wallets, and even how to start using hot wallets and decentralized exchanges.

The course has been successful and with the success of creating and launching their NOMAD and INCH coins they have already started discussions on how to continue these educational series with a Quality Course on How to Create and Successfully Launch a Cryptocurrency Coin that reachers a Multi Million Market Cap.

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