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#17 @NigelFish – Running man & Vancouver Digital Nomad

Nigel Fish is a Canadian running junkie and location independent developer junkie that is living a pimp downtown lifestyle in Vancouver. He lived and ran in Asian cities such as Taipei, Siem riep, and Chiang mai. He is also the man who introduced me to the Digital nomad scene that eventually led to me to relocating to Thailand. We got together in downtown Vancouver to discuss running in Asia, dating in Asia compared to Vancouver, and even really good tips for digital nomads in Vancouver, Canada

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Running tips while living abroad in Asia (Taipei, Bangkok, Chiang Mai)

  2. Digital nomad Canadian customs experiences

  3. Dating in Vancouver compared with Asia

  4. Tips for being a digital nomad in Vancouver

  5. Where to record a podcast for free in Vancouver


Twitter @nigelfish

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